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—Jeffrey Smith, Founder/CEO


Green Mobile Health Education Kitchen Project – San Francisco Tenderloin

San Francisco Recovery Theatre (SFRT) and From the Garden to the Table (FGTT) received partial funding to build a Green Mobile Health Education Kitchen. These awards from the City and County of San Francisco – Office of Economic and Workforce Development and Dignity Health – Saint Francis Memorial Hospital will bring comprehensive preventive health programs, green lifestyle resources, and better health to San Francisco Tenderloin residents.

In the Tenderloin 20,000 adults and 3,500 children live in single room occupancy hotels and rental units where access to affordable, fresh, healthy food and recovery are critical health issues. The neighborhood is low-income and its African American, Latino, and Asian families face the greatest health challenges resulting in increased rates of obesity, physical inactivity, unhealthy eating, and other health problems. Sixty-six percent of children are overweight or obese, and 26 percent of children are diagnosed with asthma. Asthma hospitalization rates are highest in the Tenderloin area. To compound these problems, area stores do not have consistent basic food supplies and many residents and families haven’t been exposed to fresh products and don’t think of them when making a meal. Educating the community about accessing and preparing healthier foods, increasing physical development, and using non-toxic cleaning and environmental principles are keys to reducing the illnesses and problems facing the Tenderloin’s residents.

The Green Mobile Health Education Kitchen’s health and physical development classes, community events, and SFRT’s Theatre Productions focus on eating well, physical development, living sustainably, and contributing to a greener environment for life-long personal and community health and recovery. The mobile kitchen classes develop practical health, cooking, and green skills for using familiar fresh, organic foods, green products, and safer equipment to reduce risk of burns, property damage, and loss of life compared to other commonly used equipment. Because many people in the Tenderloin still battle substance abuse, mental health, or housing problems, the SFRT Theatre Productions assist those in need and enrich the city’s culture one show at a time – saving one life at a time,

SFRT and FGTT have local support from the Saint Francis Memorial Hospital – Bothin Burn Center, the North of Market/Tenderloin Community Benefit Corporation, and the Saint Francis Foundation to bring the mobile kitchen project to the Tenderloin. This project reaches residents of single room occupancy hotels and families to build the foundation and capacity for a sustainable solution, not just a band-aid for a community hardest hit by health and social injustices and disparities. All levels of the Tenderloin community are involved in bringing about the lifestyle changes needed to save our environment and future. This project demonstrates to children, families, and residents that their health is important, that they deserve a clean environment, and they are essential contributors and partners in creating a healthier, green, less polluted future.

SFRT and FGTT have a team of talented individuals, including cooking instructors, chefs, green architects, contractors, and health and physical development educators. Their solution-based approach, effective teaching and problem solving, and ancient martial arts techniques are keys to achieving long-term health goals. Together our work will make access to fresh foods, safer and healthier eating, and recovery a reality for the San Francisco Tenderloin.

For a closer look at the program, please see the “Mr. Geoffrey Show” a TLTv Community online news show chronicling the events, activities, and needs of the Tenderloin district in San Francisco. San Francisco.

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