From the Garden to the Table

Our Programs: Young Artist Studios

Young Artist Studios furnishes a different level of instruction and life preparation to youth. The classes offered round out the holistic educational approach initiated by FGTT. From the Garden to the Table provides the health, social, and life skills. The lessons in Chinese Martial Arts produce mental clarity and discipline. Young Artist Studios instills individual expression, responsibility, and uniqueness.

Creative expression is freed in an environment filled with opportunities and media to explore. Music, photography, and mixed media collage are among the skills introduced for expression. With camera in hand, youth find a new perspective on the world around them. They become keen observers while learning the art of documenting the stories they chose to tell. These captured insights are powerful, providing students with a voice and stage for sharing rather than through rebellion and violence.

Music sessions feature an accomplished percussionist tracing the history of modern rhythm and hip-hop from the African drum. The magic of music illustrates tradition as a dynamic force that transcends time to contribute to the future. Students will see cultural traditions interwoven into sounds and songs that reach all people.

Classes in sculpture and ceramics are further enhanced every month with visiting artists and field trips that present careers in art in a realistic light.