From the Garden to the Table

Our Programs: Cooking Classes

FGTT’s cooking classes focus on prevention. They convey eating and living green principles and skills to reduce and prevent youth and family health problems. Classes and events include organic cooking classes using familiar, traditional ingredients and foods.

FGTT classes are for eight to twelve weeks and are flexible to meet the needs of the community. Each class meets once a week for at least two hours and during this time students learn simple recipes, develop culinary skills, and practice eat and live green principles.

Classes focus on:

  • shopping for and selecting organic food
  • the nutritional value of food
  • food cost
  • kitchen set-up
  • safe use of kitchen utensils
  • health and safety standards
  • kitchen cleaning
  • environmentally safe cleaning products and techniques
  • table presentation
  • table etiquette
  • field trips to groceries, farmers’ markets, hotels, cafes, and restaurants

Students learn to set the table and eat together. Research shows that students who frequently share meals with their families do better in school, are less likely to use drugs, and are happier. FGTT involves students in meal planning, setting the table, sharing meals, and inviting parents to taste their creations.

Students build a class recipe book for future reference and as a guide to developing their own culinary creations. Through the classes, students gain a practical, working knowledge and proficiency in essential cooking techniques, health and nutrition, as well as the cooking styles of various cultures and of acclaimed chefs. The field trips and visiting chefs provide exciting and realistic views of work in the food and beverage industry.