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From the Garden to the Table relies on the cooperation, support and generosity of a great number of businesses, government agencies, retailers, and wholesalers. We especially want to thank the following friends for their value of children’s health and sustainable and organic foods and environments.

Eat and Live Green Team

Jeffrey Smith

Founder and Chief Executive Officer

While an accomplished documentary photographer; Jeffrey Smith has a wealth of experience as bartender, chef, catering manager and consultant to a number of San Francisco Bay Area establishments.

In tandem with his career in the food and beverage industry, Smith has seriously pursued his career as an artist/photographer achieving much public recognition. His education includes undergraduate studies in Photography at The School of the Art Institute of Chicago and an M.F.A. in Photography from the California College of Arts and Crafts.

Smith has received awards and scholarships, delivered lectures in numerous venues and has had his works showcased in many exhibitions, permanent collections and publications. With his immense interest in children, he has used his artistic talent to teach children his craft and eating and living green.

As a native of Chicago, Smith grew up on the south side in Ida B. Wells, where he experienced and saw the need for teaching children and families about healthier green options in food, cleaning, and building. In 1996 he founded From the Garden to the Table, a non-profit program committed to creating positive change and teaching green/sustainable living within low-income communities. His team of talented individuals, including architects, teachers and physical development/martial arts specialists are embarking on building a green community kitchen at a San Francisco middle school and a Green Center for San Francisco low-income students, families, schools, and communities.

Geoffrey Grier

Director of Physical Development and Chinese Martial Arts

Mr. Grier has studied Chinese Martial Arts for over 20 years, specifically White Crane style Gung Fu and because of his unique expertise, was selected to represent the United States in Singapore in September (2007) in an intersystem exhibition and to meet the grandmasters of the White Crane system. The White Crane technique that Mr. Grier studies descended from Tibet and encompasses internal and external exercise to enhance physical health and mental harmony.

Traditional martial arts were founded to enhance physical, spiritual and academic growth through discipline. One of the original purposes was to enhance mental awareness, using this ancient tried and true method; Mr. Grier combines this with today’s needs as the medium to develop personal discipline and self-improvement among at risk youth. Many youth at risk have been neglected and denied these critical teachings as well as the benefits of good nutrition as presented by From the Garden to the Table. Together these two programs create a balance of spiritual and physical development that raises the academic achievement of youth as well as their life long ability to continue to grow and learn.

Stephen Simmons

Executive Chef

Chef Simmons currently oversees six food operation accounts for Guckenheimer Enterprises, including Skywalker Ranch and Letterman Digital Arts Center at the Presidio. His love for food and cooking started with his grandmother and grew through education at the City College of San Francisco and an externship with Executive Chef Jeremiah Tower and Chef Marc Frantz.

He quickly rose as a Bay Area culinary celebrity working at The Stanford Court Hotel; and as Executive Sous Chef at Campton Place under Bradley Ogden; Executive Chef at Casa Madrona Hotel and Restaurant, Sausalito; and Opening Chef and Chef de Cuisine for One Market Restaurant, San Francisco. He partnered with Bradley Ogden to open, nationally recognized, Lark Creek Inn as Opening Chef de Cuisine/Opening Executive Chef. Chef Simmons next ventured on his own; he purchased and revitalized a local Marin property creating Bubba’s Diner a popular San Anselmo comfort food restaurant; and later opened Savanna Grill in Corte Madera. After developing and operating his own restaurants, Chef Simmons worked as Executive Chef at The Stratford in San Mateo, and as manager of food operations for Lucasfilm Ltd.

In addition to his Bay Area acclaim, Chef Simmons was Executive Chef on the S.S. Monterey, a Hawaiian-based cruise ship. He was nationally recognized as Rising Star Chef by the James Beard Foundation, and continued as a James Beard Foundation participant for 13 years. Chef Simmons was also awarded Celebrated Chef by the National Pork Producer’s Council.

Alan Carter

Executive Chef, Mission Beach Café

After years in the financial services industry working for Merrill Lynch, Alan Carter decided to pursue his lifelong passion for baking. A hobby since he was a child, Carter made the leap into a baking career by entering the California Culinary Academy pastry program in 2002 to fill out his knowledge and hone his skills. Upon graduating from CCA, Carter joined Chow Restaurant in San Francisco for the experience necessary to one day fulfill his dream of opening a bakery. He soon became head pastry chef for all three Chow Restaurants rewriting and creating recipes for their pastry and desert program. His affinity for the science of baking is essential to his ability as a baker. “By knowing the chemical properties of your ingredients and listening to them, they will tell you what to do,” says Carter. After three years at Chow, Carter left for Paris to immerse himself in the pastry capital of the world. “I wanted to know proper flavor, not from recipes, but by experiencing the work of the master pastry chefs in their own patisseries.” Returning to San Francisco, Carter spent months developing and refining his recipes with the flavors of Paris a taking off point, guiding the quality he was trying to achieve.

After painstaking experimentation, Carter felt ready to finally realize his dream. Mission Beach Café opened in early 2007 featuring Carter’s pastries and deserts while also highlighting his talent as a savory chef with fine dining an important focus of the cafe. Within months Carter had won over a devoted following for his handmade, artisan creations featuring his unique canneles, blueberry ginger muffins, chocolate almond croissants, chocolate truffle cookies, signature angel food cake, and classic pies. He has won best cannele, best turnover, and best pie in San Francisco honors from San Francisco and 7 x 7 Magazines. The integration of fine dining and baking is central to Mission Beach and continues to drive Carter to innovate. Adding to the baking lexicon is Carter’s motivation and has led to demonstrations at Bloomingdales and the Ritz Carleton. Demystifying the perils of baking is next for Carter sharing what he has learned over the years and in practice at his café.

Marland F. Chancellor, M.D.

Program Physician and Health Advisor

Dr. Chancellor was raised in Palo Alto, and attended Green Gables (now Duveneck) Elementary School, Jordan Jr. High School, and Palo Alto Sr. High School. He earned his Bachelor degree from Yale College in 1989, and his Doctor of Medicine degree from The Ohio State University College of Medicine and Public Health in 1998. In 2002, he completed a Family Medicine residency training at UCLA’s community-medicine program at Pomona Valley Hospital Medical Center, where he received the Community Medicine award as the senior resident whose work best represented the broad spectrum of Family Medicine. He earned Board Certification in Family Medicine in 2002.

In 2008, as a primary care provider at the Palo Alto Medical Foundation, he was awarded Clinical Recognition from the National Committee for Quality Assurance, and was named as one of America’s Top Family Doctors by the Consumers’ Research Council of America. His community interests include serving on the Boards of Advisors and Directors of many non-profit organizations in the Bay Area, including Beechwood School in Menlo Park (K-8 education for low-income families), Adolescent Counseling Services (counseling and substance abuse services for middle- and high-school students), From the Garden to the Table (health and nutrition education for low-income families and students), and The Stephanie Ann Chancellor Foundation (supporting for leukemia & lymphoma research at Stanford University Hospitals and Clinics).

Dr. Chancellor manages his own practice, Equilibrium Family Medicine, where his goal is to provide patients with excellent medical care in an unhurried atmosphere of consultation and mutual decision-making, enabling everyone to live healthy, balanced lives, and to be contributing members to families and community.

Sheahan + Quandt

Architecture, Interior, Sustainable Design

Cathleen Quandt and Patrick Sheahan bring their respective experience and perspective to each project in a fluid collaboration. Cathleen, with a first degree in fine arts and a second in architecture, approaches with an eye to composition, color and materials. Patrick, with 35 years in both construction and architecture, brings an analytical approach and depth of experience in both residential and commercial work. Patrick began his career with solar and earth-sheltered design in the ’70s, and continues with a sustainable bent towards construction systems and materials selection.

Cathleen and Patrick have been designing together since 2000, and previously worked with highly regarded and widely published design firms: Cathleen with Cheng Design of Berkeley, and Patrick with Miller/Hull and Olson/Sundberg of Seattle.

Patrick and Cathleen execute all aspects of the design work through the smallest detail, believing that the success of a project hinges on the harmonious integration of function and aesthetic.

Canyon Construction

Canyon Construction has been building and remodeling in the Bay Area for over 40 years. Founded in 1966, we have developed a distinguished reputation for excellence, craftsmanship and service. Our work ethic, experience and commitment have made us one of the most trusted builders in the Bay Area.
Whether a residential or commercial job, our goal is to achieve your vision on both a professional and personal level. When you select us as the prime contractor for your project we approach it as if it were our own home. The pride and care we put into every project has helped our reputation for integrity grow throughout the years, while gaining trust from our clients.


Sustainable Worker-Owned Craftsman Collaborative

Woodshanti is a worker-owned cooperative that builds furniture and cabinetry using responsibly harvested lumber and natural finishes. Founded in 1997 in San Francisco’s Bayview district, Woodshanti is a synthesis of fine craftsmanship, artistic creativity, environmental activism, and economic stability.

Our portfolio of work features efficient, elegant designs and impeccable construction that will last for generations. Approaching each piece as a collaboration between ourselves and our clients, we work with you to bring your idea to life. We give personalized attention to each and every project.

TriMark Economy Restaurant Fixtures

Economy Restaurant Fixtures was founded in 1965 by Mike Weinstock and his wife Betty. The company later merged with TriMark USA. TriMark Economy Restaurant Fixtures remains family-operated with Jeff Weinstock serving as CEO and Josh Weinstock working as President.

The TriMark organization was formed from the consolidation of seven leading foodservice design, equipment and supplies dealers into a single company. Though the TriMark name has only been in use since December 1, 2000, the people behind the name are among the most experienced in the industry. This experience, combined with our strategic areas of specialization, position TriMark to provide foodservice operators with solutions to their most complex requirements.

A Maciel Printing

Green and Sustainable Printing

A. MACIEL PRINTING is a San Francisco based company providing a variety of printing and production services ranging from the simplest black and white small format short-run to large format multi-color printing

In business for over 25 years, A. Maciel printing has successfully fulfilled the needs of a wide range of clients, non-profit organizations, small and medium size business, educational institutions, community based groups and government agencies.

Fully bilingual (English/Spanish) and bicultural, we are able to provide the culturally sensitive, language appropriate materials your organization will need for marketing to Latino communities.
Family owned and operated since 1984 we have always strived to utilize the most environmentally friendly methods and materials. Pioneers in the use of recycled and tree-free papers we print most our jobs with high-performance soy based inks.

Molly O’Kane

Online Marketing Consultant

Small business coach and digital marketing expert, Molly O’Kane, has a different approach to help you build a successful business from scratch with limited money and time. With over a decade of experience managing projects in collaborative leadership as an online marketing consultant, Molly teaches classes and coaches small business owners on social media, email marketing, SEO, website design and online advertising, to help prepare small you for tomorrow’s business. She has assisted business to grow between 10-500%. She currently works with both the Renaissance Entrepreneurship Center and the San Francisco Small Business Development Center as well as private clients.


Diedra O’Merde

Rosebowl Florist and Wineshop, Owner

Rosebowl Florist and Wine Shop has served San Francisco’s corporate and artistic communities for 32 years. Their incredible selection of fine wines and sophisticated gourmet products captures the attention of the discriminating client desiring an effective gift statement. They specialize in custom floral design and custom gourmet baskets. Beautifully decorated packages, from single bottles of wine to elaborate gourmet baskets and artistic floral presentations are our specialty. To this day, Deidra is still having fun and loves her customers and discovering wonderful family wineries. Most recently she brought in Pinot Noirs from the Willamette Valley of Oregon and Syrahs and Zinfandels from the Paso Robles region.

Cleaning Products

Citra Solv
A company that specializes in developing naturally-derived products that are made from renewable resources and which have a minimum impact on our world.
Danbury, Connecticut

Orange Guard
Maker of a water based indoor/outdoor insecticide that may be used around food, humans and pets.
Carmel Valley, California

Seventh Generation
A producer of household and personal care products that are effective and safe for the air, surfaces, fabrics, pets, people, and the environment.
Burlington, Vermont

Green Homes, Buildings, and Businesses

Annmarie Borlind
Calw-Altburg, Germany

TriMark – Economy Restaurant Fixtures

Wolf Appliances
Madison, Wisconsin

Grateful Body Organic Skin Care
Berkeley, California

Dr. Hauschka Skin Care
South Deerfield, Massachusetts

EcoHome Improvement
Berkeley, California

Eleek, Inc.
Portland, Oregon

Fagor Appliances
San Francisco, California

LIFT Business Coaching – Shawn Berry
Provides comprehensive business coaching and project consulting to lift organizations into focus and results that regenerate healthy ecosystems and socially just and joyful environments.

Marmoleum – Forbo
Hazleton, Pennsylvania

Natural Home and Garden Magazine
Topeka, Kansas

Recycline, Inc.
Waltham, Massachusetts

Richlite Company
Tacoma, Washington

Rosebowl Florist and Wine Shop
San Francisco’s premiere flower shop.
San Francisco, California

The Orchard Garden Hotel
San Francisco’s green hotel.
San Francisco, California

Hayward, California

Hand-crafted recycled glass surfaces.

Hair & Skin Care

Marie Veronique Organics
A line of ecologically responsible, natural, and transformative anti-aging products.
Berkeley, California

Annmarie Borlind
A Germany-based line of natural skin care products that have been made for over 50 years with only fine natural ingredients and strict quality control standards.
Calw-Altburg, Germany


Dr. Hauschka Skin Care
A business that fosters well-being through ecologically sound methods of growing and sourcing ingredients, producing natural products, and maintaining international fair trade initiatives.
South Deerfield, Massachusetts


Grateful Body Organic Skin Care
This company produces 100 percent natural skin care that is nourishing and effective while supporting the health of the skin, the body, and the planet.
Berkeley, California

Additional Resources

We especially urge supporters of From the Garden to the Table to patronize the companies below.

Children’s Program Resources

Generation Green
A non-profit organization working to give parents and all consumers effective voices in advocating for environmental policies that protect children. They emphasize eliminating the manufacture and sale of toxic toys and reducing children’s exposure to pesticides with an emphasis on implementation of the Food Quality Protection Act.

Dr. Alan Greene, Pediatrician
A physician who provides accurate information on organic and natural products, limiting environmental toxins, maintaining a healthy and active lifestyle, and keeping a green home.
Danville, California

Organic Foods Retail

Ingredients and reliable resources for those ingredients are important to all consumers. From the Garden to the Table uses only organic, hormone free, free range, and ecologically safe materials in all meal preparation and clean up. This resource list will provide access to clean and wholesome products, assuring that our students and families can continue to practice the healthful skills and recommendations learned in their From the Garden to the Table courses.

The ingredients for all recipes listed at our Web site and used in our classes can be found at any of these stores. The assets of shopping at these locations go beyond purchase of recipe ingredients. These stores offer many products in bulk, an effective cost-saving strategy.

California Certified Farmers’ Markets
P.O. Box 1813
Davis, California 95617
Phone: 530-753-9999
Look up the location of a market near you:

New Leaf Natural Foods
1134 Pacific Ave.
Santa Cruz, CA 95062
Phone: 831-425-1793
41st. Ave.
Capitola, CA 95010
Phone: 831-479-7987
150 San Mateo Rd
(corner of Hwy 1 & Rt 92)
Half Moon Bay, CA 94019
Phone: (650) 726-3110

Rainbow Grocery – A Worker-Owned Cooperative
1745 Folsom Street, San Francisco, CA
Phone: (415) 863-0620
Toll Free: (877) 720-2667

The Real Food Company
2140 Polk St., San Francisco, CA
3060 Fillmore St. , San Francisco, CA
Phone: (415) 673-7420

Sacramento Natural Food Co-op
1900 Alhambra Blvd.
Sacramento, CA 95816
Phone: 916-455-2667

Whole Foods Market
1765 California St
San Francisco, CA 94109

399 4th Street
San Francisco, CA 94107

450 Rhode Island St
San Francisco, CA 94107

Organic Food and Product – Manufacturers

Alvarado Street Bakery
A producer of healthy, organic whole grain breads.
Petaluma, California

Clover Dairy
A family-owned and –operated dairy in Northern California.

Diestel Family Turkey Ranch
A family-owned and –operated turkey ranch in Northern California.

Due Torri Coffee
A family-owned company that imports and roasts specialty coffee.
Oakland, California

Green Leaf
Specialists in procuring peak-of-the-season produce from local sources and delivering this produce in prime condition.
San Francisco, California

Mary’s Chicken and Pitman Family Farms
A family-owned and operated business sustainably raising free-range and organic poultry for three generations.
San Francisco, California

Muir Glen
Suppliers of certified organic canned tomatoes and other products.
Minneapolis, Minnesota

Nature’s Path
Providers of quality organic foods that are socially responsible, environmentally sustainable, and financially viable.
Richmond, British Columbia

Newman’s Own Organics
Makers of organic snacks.

Petaluma Poultry
Pioneers in natural and organic chicken.

Organic Valley
Includes 1,326 family farms in California and 34 states across the country that produce award-winning, certified organic dairy and other foods.

Seeds of Change
Producers of organic seeds and other food products.
P.O. Box 15700,
Santa Fe, New Mexico 87506-5700
Phone: 888-762-7333

Straus Family Creamery
A family-owned dairy that produces milk and dairy products that are organic and healthful with sustainable, environmentally sound practices in farming and food processing and in rural community planning.
Pt. Reyes, California

Sunridge Farms
A manufacturer of organic, natural, and bulk foods without highly processed or refined ingredients.
Pajaro, California


A distributor of natural, organic, and specialty products that supports organic and sustainable agriculture; and protection of the environment.
Auburn, California

A combination of natural sea salt, vegetables, and kelp, produced by the one the founders of natural food movement.


Wholesome Sweeteners
A producer of Fair Trade Certified, organic and natural sugars, syrups, nectars and honeys.
Sugar Land, Texas

Organic Agriculture

Through our classes, contacts, networks and resources, we support the Organic Farmers in Santa Cruz, Sacramento and throughout California for being steadfast in their beliefs and actions to protect people and the environment.

Certified Organic Growers
Pacific Coast Farmers Market Association
4725 First Street, Ste. 200
Pleasanton, California 94566

California Certified Organic Farmers
1115 Mission Street
Santa Cruz, CA 95060
Phone: (831) 423-2263
Fax: (831) 423-4528

Carmel Valley, California

University of California at Davis
Sustainable Agriculture Research and Education Program
Davis, CA 95616
Phone: 530-752-7556

Matsumoto Family Farm
Fresno, California

U.S. Organic Certification Organizations and Local Chapters

Alternative Medicine

We invite you to learn more about alternatives to traditional Western medicine – using practices that have been developed and refined over thousands of years.

American College of Traditional Chinese Medicine
455 Arkansas Street
San Francisco, California 94107
School Phone: 415-282-7600
Community Clinic Phone: 415-282-9603
Fax: 415-282-0856

Dr. Gerald Cohen
Chiropractor and Alternative Tibetan Medicine Specialist
1040 Noel Drive, Suite 102
Menlo Park, California 94025
Phone: 650-328-4325

Susanna Xiaofen Shen, L.Ac., B.S. (China)
A professor at Five Branches Institute, Dr. Shen has over 12 years in the practice of TCM. Dr. Shen specializes in electronic acupuncture, moxibustion, cupping, ear acupuncture, and cosmetic TCM.

Five Branches Institute
College of Traditional Chinese Medicine

200 7th Avenue
Santa Cruz, California 95062-4669
School Phone: 831-476-9424
Clinic Phone: 831-476-8211
Fax: 831-476-8928