From the Garden to the Table

About us: White Crane Kung Fu with Geoffrey Grier

Director of Physical Development

Mr. Grier has studied Chinese Martial Arts for over 20 years, specifically Tibetan White Crane style Gung Fu. Because of his unique expertise, he was selected to represent the United States in Singapore in September 2007. During this international intersystem exhibition, sponsored by the Singapore chapter, Mr. Grier met the grandmasters of the White Crane system. The White Crane technique that Mr. Grier studies descended from Tibet and encompasses internal and external exercise to enhance physical health and mental harmony.

lamaTraditional martial arts were founded to enhance physical, spiritual and academic growth through discipline. One of the original purposes was to enhance mental awareness and physical endurance. Using this ancient tried and true method, Mr. Grier combines this with today’s needs as the medium to develop personal discipline and self-improvement among vulnerable youth and adults. Many youth at risk have been neglected and denied these critical teachings as well as the benefits of good nutrition as presented by From the Garden to the Table. Together these two programs create a balance of spiritual and physical development that raises the academic achievement of youth as well as their lifelong ability to continue to grow and learn

Mr. Grier is also the Director of Crisis Intervention for San Francisco Recovery Theatre, a therapeutic theater project designed to engage both the acting players and audience in a real-time experience to break down the walls of communication at an intergenerational, racial, and gender level. Mr. Grier also has a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Psychology. His talent and teaching have brought lifelong benefits to the most challenging youth, runaways, and adults willing to make a change in their lifestyle.

In addition to his social activities Mr. Grier is also the host of the “Mr. Geoffrey Show” a TLTv Community on-line news show chronicling the events, activities, and needs of the Tenderloin district in San Francisco.

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